Oddział Kliniczny Chirurgii Serca, Naczyń i Transplantologii


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  • lekarz dyżurny (24h) tel. 12 614 32 30, 12 614 32 28,
  • przypadek pilny - tel. 504 299 360
  • dyżurka pielęgniarek 12 614 32 14

Więcej informacji na: http://www.kardiochirurgia.cm-uj.krakow.pl

The Department of Cardiovacular Surgery and Transplantation


Prof. Jerzy Sadowski MD, PhD

MD diploma: 1968, the School of Medicine in Lodz
PhD degree: 1978, "Analysis of indications and therapeutic outcomes in patients undergoing surgery for hypertension due to bilateral renal artery stenosis". Thesis supervisor: Prof. Antoni Dziatkowiak MD, PhD
Assoc. Prof. of medicine: 1995, "The usefulness of aortic homografts (allogenic) in surgical treatment of ascending aortic aneurysms".


Cardiac surgeons - operators

  • Assoc. Prof. Roman Pfitzner MD, PhD
  • Artur Bartoszcze MD, PhD
  • Grzegorz Grudzień MD, PhD
  • Bogusław Kapelak MD, PhD
  • Grzegorz Marek MD, PhD
  • Dariusz Plicner MD, PhD
  • Jerzy Bigosiński MD
  • Piotr Przybyłowski MD, PhD
  • Zbigniew Samitowski MD, PhD
  • Robert Sobczyński MD, PhD
  • Grażyna Sokół-Tarka MD, PhD
  • Jarosław Stoliński MD, PhD
  • Karol Wierzbicki MD, PhD
  • Sławomir Wójcik MD, PhD
  • Krzysztof Bartuś MD
  • Jerzy Bigosiński MD
  • Tomasz Myrdko MD
  • Jacek Piątek MD
  • Bogdan Suder MD


  • Grzegorz Filip MD
  • Bogusław Gawęda MD
  • Janusz Konstanty Kalandyk MD
  • Krzysztof Lubański MD
  • Iwona Sumara Stelmach MD
  • Piotr Węgrzyn MD
  • Łukasz Zieliński MD

Vascular surgeons

  • Mariola Cieśla–Dul MD, PhD
  • Tomasz Drążkiewicz MD, PhD
  • Mariusz Trystuła MD, PhD


  • Jacek Myć MD, PhD
  • Dorota Sobczyk MD, PhD
  • Renata Stąpor MD, PhD
  • Izabella Górkiewicz–Kot MD
  • Paweł Kruszec MD
  • Marcin Nosal MD
  • Maciej Stąpór MD
  • Grzegorz Trybowski MD

Transplant team

  • Karol Wierzbicki MD, PhD - Coordinator


  • Paulina Babiarczyk MD
  • Maciej Bochenek MD
  • Michał Mędrzycki MD
  • Krzysztof Szymoński MD


Therapeutic possibilities

The ward has 127 beds, including 23 intensive care beds, 8 laminar-flow surgical theaters dedicated to operations on the heart and vessels, with ante-rooms for preliminary skin preparation, monitoring systems and an innovative, first in Poland endovascular hybrid operating room for patients undergoing low invasive operations on the heart in cooperation with interventional cardiologists.

Committed to quality care our specialists are available 24 hours a day providing immediate services for patients with acute heart problems that require surgery on an urgent basis. Comprehensive cardiac surgical care covers the area of Malopolska and is also meant for patients referred from all over Poland and foreign countries.

We perform all kinds of operations on heart and large vessels, and cardiac transplantation. With over 40 000 operations and 516 transplantations we are ranked first in the country and high on the European level. Each year we perform about 2500 complex surgical procedures, mainly with extracorporeal circulation, and the country’s largest number of extremely difficult operations for aortic aneurysms. Our team participates in international research projects.


Physical therapists

Our patients receive 24hr rehabilitation. Passive and active mobilization of patients is carried out by a team 21 highly qualified kinesitherapists (holding the degree of Master of Rehabilitation Science) and physiotherapists. Patients are offered comprehensive rehabilitation programme consisting of three stages: preoperative patient preparation, postoperative care from day 0 aiming at improving respiratory function and functional independence, outpatient rehabilitation. We use the newest methods and techniques of therapy (PNF, TACO) and up-to-date medical equipment. Our staff have the chance to develop professionally through training and specialization (we have five 1st degree specialists in rehabilitation), publications in scientific papers and participation in symposia and seminars.

  • Dominika Batycka-Stachnik MRSc - Coordinator
  • Donata Kołacz MRSc
  • Małgorzata Kozerska-Drygała MRSc
  • Agnieszka Komorowska-Sitarz MRSc
  • Agnieszka Stanuch-Dmorczyk MRSc
  • Beata Jastrzębska MRSc
  • Krystyna Tomczyk MRSc
  • Małgorzata Śpiewak MRSc
  • Ewa Preisner MRSc
  • Agnieszka Piwoda MRSc
  • Robert Kudyba MRSc
  • Władysław Sorliński MRSc
  • Zdzisław Gruca MRSc
  • Wojciech Ćwiklicki MRSc
  • Janusz Pabian MRSc
  • Łukasz Potępa MRSc
  • Michał Bojko MRSc
  • Łukasz Pominkiewicz MRSc
  • Elżbieta Wilkoszewska senior technician
  • Wanda Ziomek senior technician
  • Jerzy Rurkowski massage senior technician


The team of psychologists was formed in 1984. They offer psychological support to patients before and after heart surgery including psychological diagnosis and therapy, psychological preparation for surgery and recovery. Psychologists provide also information on secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, healthy lifestyle and antithrombotic treatment. Care is offered both for patients and their families if necessary. The team of psychologists carries out scientific studies presenting their results during scientific domestic and international conferences. Our psychologists are also academic teachers instructing students of the Institute of Psychology at Jagiellonian University Medical College, providing postgraduate courses for specializing psychologists (1st and 2nd degree specialization in clinical psychology). They also provide care for outpatients, consult patients of other hospital wards and cooperate with Patient Clubs.

  • Jolanta Siwińska MPsych - Coordinator
  • Joanna Jaguszewska MPsych
  • Marta Lesiak – Kalukin MPsych
  • Iwona Wieczór MPsych
  • Agnieszka Zdechlik MPsych


Secretary (8.00-14.00) tel: +48 12 614 30 75, +48 12 614 30 72
fax: +48 12 423 39 00
Doctor on duty (24h): tel: +48 12 614 32 30, +48 12 614 32 14

For more information visit us at: http://www.kardiochirurgia.cm-uj.krakow.pl

Patient Care