Oddział Chorób Infekcyjnych Dzieci i Hepatologii Dziecięcej


tel. sekretariat: 12 614 23 23, fax: 12 614 23 20




Acting Head:

Anna Gorczyca MD, PhD

II° specialization in pediatrics and infectious diseases. Employed since 1982.






  • Joanna Bobrzyńska MD
  • Małgorzata Jawor - Bugajska MD
  • Krystyna Kapelak MD
  • Krystyna Szumera-Krysta MD
  • Matylda Wójcik MD

Ward Nurse:

  • Danuta Kula


The Ward of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Hepatology was first known as the Ward of Childhood Infectious Diseases, which opened in 1953 after rearranging the Ward of Scarlet Fever and Tuberculosis and the Ward of Diphtheria that was moved from the University Hospital. During diphtheria pandemic the Hospital admitted about 1000 children annually who received treatment in the old barracks. In 1983 the Ward occupied two floors in building B and by the end of 1980s the second floor in building C.

Diagnostic and Treatment Capabilities:

The Ward employs 6 physicians, 15 nurses, 2 dietitians and a kinesitherapist. The Ward has 30 isolation beds in 1-2 person rooms with bathrooms and sluices. If free space is available parents or guardians are allowed to stay over. Children are admitted during the entire 24 hours. The Ward is also a reference center in the south-eastern Poland and cooperates with the equivalent clinics of the Pediatric University Hospital in Kraków. We offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic and treatment options for patients aged 0-18 years with diseases triggered by various pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi). A wide range of tests (biochemistry, pathomorphology, molecular biology, diagnostic imaging) is used to diagnose non-infectious liver diseases whereas clinical trials provide an opportunity to administer novel drugs such as pegylated interferon, lamivudin, adefovir and ribavirin for chronic hepatitis B and C. We admit patients with hepatitis A, B and C, autoaggressive hepatitis, cholangitis, acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases of infectious origin, absorption disorders, dysbacteriosis, mycosis and parasitic infections, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, severe tonsilitis, Pneumocystis carinii infection, Bordotella pertussis, respiratory tuberculosis, septicemia, urinary infections, childhood infectious diseases (varicella, zoster, measles, rubella, parotitis, scarlet fever), infectious mononucleosis, HSV infection, CMV infection, boreliosis, fever of unknown origin, rashes and skin reactions, post-vaccination reactions and complications. We also perform thick-needle aspiration biopsy of the liver.


tel +48 12 614 23 23

Patient Care