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Grzegorz Czyżewicz MD, specialist in internal medicine and clinical oncology






  • Lucyna Sokołowska MD
  • Marzena Filipowska MD
  • Dorota Skutecka-Mackiewicz MD

Coordinating Nurse:

  • Ewa Marczewska


The history of chemotherapy at John Paul II Hospital in Krakow dates back to the 70ies. First patients with lung cancer were treated with the then available cytostatics in close cooperation with the Institute of Oncology in Krakow. The pioneers in this field were Dr. Janina Schnotale and Dr. Kazimierz Krawczyk who introduced palliative chemotherapy as standard procedure in patients with lung cancer and who conducted a number of clinical studies. In 2005 the 2nd Ward of Lung Diseases supervised by Dr. Anna Prokop-Staszecka was extended to include the Chemotherapy Unit which in face of increasing rates of lung cancer patients was transformed into an independent Ward of Chemotherapy in July 2010.

Diagnostic and treatment capabilites:

The Ward specializes in the treatment for respiratory system cancer and cancer of the chest area, especially lung cancer. We offer the following services:

1. chemotherapy of malignant tumors of the lungs and chest area:      

-chemotherapy of small cell lung cancer  
-chemotherapy of non small cell lung cancer
-chemotherapy of pleural mesothelioma
-chemotherapy in other cancers of the chest area

2. establishing indications and qualification for radiotherapy in co-operation with the Center of Oncology in Krakow

3. diagnostic procedures to evaluate patient response to chemotherapy and qualification for further oncological therapy  

4. clinical studies in patients with lung cancer

The Ward is situated on the second floor of Building B. It is a 15-bed ward (5 rooms with 3 beds and a bathroom each) ready to admit patients allocated to day hospital treatment (chemotherapy) or conventional ward.
The highest qualifications of treating personnel and medical equipment assure the level of medical services in compliance with the National Health Fund requirements.
Medical images to assess response to treatment are acquired in the Center of Diagnostic Imaging.
If combined treatment is indicated patients are referred to the Institute of Oncology in Krakow and the Ward of Thoracic Surgery in our Hospital.
Between treatment cycles and upon therapy completion if necessary patients are referred for oncological consultation in the Outpatient Department of Lung Diseases.


tel: +48 12 614 34 52
e-mail: chemioterapia(at)szpitaljp2.krakow.pl

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