Oddział Kliniczny Elektrokardiologii


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tel/fax: 12 614 22 26
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Assoc. Prof. Jacek Lelakowski MD, PhD
II° specialization in internal medicine and cardiology. Employed in the Department of Electrocardiology in 1981 as assistant professor, since 2002 head of the ward. PhD conferred in 1992, Assoc. Prof. of medicine in the field of electrocardiology in 2002.




  • Barbara Małecka MD, PhD - deputy head
  • Jacek Bednarek MD, PhD
  • Agnieszka Czunko MD
  • Kazimierz Haberka MD
  • Jakub Machejek MD
  • Assoc. Prof. Jacek Majewski MD, PhD
  • Igor Tomala MD
  • Paweł Stypuła MD
  • Andrzej Ząbek MD
  • Jolanta Bigaj MSc


  • Dominik Jędrzejowski MD
  • Justyna Piekarz MD
  • Anna Rydlewska MD

Ward nurse:

Stanisława Rams MSN
The nursing team consists of 18 trained nurses, instrumental nurses and dietitians and 6 radiology technicians.


In 1977 a ward of electro-stimulation was established in hospital grounds as part of the generał cardiology clinic of the Institute of Internal Medicine founded in 1969. In March 1979 the then Minister of Health and Social Welfare announced the decision to establish in Kraków the Institute of Cardiology. In September 1979 the Rector of the School of Medicine in Kraków signed a document by which the ward of electro-stimulation was renamed the Ward of Electrocardiology of the 1st Cardiac Department at the Institute of Cardiology. In 1981 the Ward transformed into the Department of Electrocardiology (head: Prof. L. Sędziwy) which is now the Department of Electrocardiology at John Paul II Hospital in Kraków

Diagnostic and Treatment Capabilities:

The ward has 18 beds, including 8 beds of intensive cardiac care (5 patient rooms with bathrooms). Our specialists perform pacemaker check and provide consultations for patients with heart rhythm disorders (in total 10 000 patients are followed up). The ward is the only center in Małopolska Province and neighboring regions that offers a full range of diagnostic services for evaluation of patients with fainting and syncope and non-pharmacological treatment of cardiac arrhythmias: pacemaker implantation, cardiac resynchronization therapy, cardioverter-defibrillator implantation and percutaneous RF ablation (traditional, CARTO) of arrhythmogenic sites preceded by detailed electrophysiological testing. The ward is equipped with the newest systems for electrophysiology and ablation: two fluoroscopic vision systems with complete software, computerized electrophysiology Workstation, three ablators, multimode programmable external cardiac pacemaker, CARTO system for 3D electroanatomical mapping, Merge system combined with 3D CT imaging, echocardiography, computer-assisted exercise system, tilt table, ECG recorders, central monitoring, 24hr Holter monitoring. In 2006 we implanted about 750 pacemakers, about 85 cardioverter-defibrillators and we performed 130 RF ablations. Annually we admit over 1000 patients.


tel: +48 12 614 23 81, +48 12 614 20 06, +48 12 633 23 99
fax: +48 12 633 23 99
e-mail: elektrokard(at)szpitaljp2.krakow.pl




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