Vaccination before getting pregnant

  • mumps, measles and rubella

  • chickenpox

  • hepatitis A and B

  • tetanus and diphtheria

  • tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis

You may order a blood test to check for immunity to certain infectious diseases




Open from 8.00 to 18.00 (on Tuesdays) and from 8.00 to 14.00 (other business days)

In order to improve communication with patients, we provide online registration for paid vaccinations through the Medical Information Portal (click on the name). After creating the account and logging into MPI, as a place to provide medical services, select the Vaccination Center Cabinet and go to the appointment calendar. Please use this functionality. In exceptional cases, it is also possible to register by phone at: 12 614 22 37


  • cash
  • credit cards
  • bank transfer (companies)

Currently there is no vaccine HPV (Gardasil 9) and Hib (Hiberix, Act Hib)


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