Oddział Chorób Cywilizacyjnych i Chorób Płuc


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Marek Koprowski MD


  • Jadwiga Bosak MD
  • Dorota Odrowąż-Pieniążek MD
  • Marta Rybak-Bąk MD
  • Marcela Stańczyk MD
  • Celina Strączek MD
  • Monika Wolnicka MD


  • Monika Łysakowska MSc

Ward Nurse:

  • Marianna Bahr MSN



One of the new buildings at Prądnicka Street opened in 1961 and housed 130 patients with tuberculosis. Dr. Cz. Laszczka was appointed head. After he had left in 1970 pavilion A was divided into two wards of lung diseases supervised by Dr. A. Cetnarski and Dr. T. Szpunar. They were followed by Dr. J. Owsiński (a pupil of Prof. Hornung) and Dr. H. Okularczyk. In 2002 when Dr. Owsiński and Dr. Okularczyk retired the two wards merged into the 1st Ward of Lung Diseases.

Diagnostic and Treatment Capabilities:

The 50-bed ward provides diagnosis and treatment for patients with respiratory tract disorders, especially lung cancer, although tuberculosis is still an important cause of morbidity in Poland. We diagnose tumors of the respiratory system and mediastinum, pulmonary obstructive disease and respiratory infections. Endoscopy and transthoracic needle biopsy guided by ultrasound and CT, transbronchial needle and forceps biopsy help physicians establish the dinical diagnosis and initiate adeguate treatment within a short time after admission.


tel.: +48 12 614 34 70
e-mail: 1ochp(at)szpitaljp2.krakow.pl

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